At The Three Sisters Farm, we strive to promote heirloom and lesser known vegetable varieties by offering them for sale as plants or produce. The Three Sisters Farm name comes from the Native tradition of growing plants together for mutual benefit. Our three sisters bed contains the companion plants of corn, beans and squash. In all our beds we try and grow complementary plants together, and we LOVE our tomatoes so grow a lot of different varieties of these.

For controlling weeds, pesky critters and other nasties we do things the old fashioned way. We pull weeds by hand, fence areas that need them, plant lots of marigolds, and hand pluck pests by night if need be by flashlight. We do not use any pesticides, herbicides or non organic methods. Our chickens are free range, and take care of any creepy crawlers we miss. Read more about Rocky's Girls and Button Quails further on.

As well as our heirloom varieties, you will find some plants and foods that are more familiar to your garden. We also like to look after the needs of the patio gardeners, and we offer a variety of plants that can be container grown. As well as produce and eggs, we do country baking with an old fashioned niche, offering such tasty treats as Dundee Cake and Branbury tarts. In our spare time( haha) we also sew and knit historical and fun items for adults, kids and pets. At our table we also promote and sell leather goods by Labyrinth Leather, produced by Amanda Bennett, daughter of the farmer, who also grows the Basil.